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Conics is a fully independent software consultancy provider with a 100% focus on graphical processes. Building upon a profound knowledge of the graphical industry and a clear vision about software selection, we propose the best possible solution to our customers, one that seamlessly meets their needs and strategy. Conics translates your vision and goals into matching people, processess and tools. Our team gets a kick out of challenging projects and we are always looking for long-term solutions for our customers. From project management and implementation and from analysis to integration: Conics makes sure your company is ready for the future!

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Do you want to have more control and insight into your company? Do the various company processes sometimes overlap? Are you looking for a user-friendly system in order to work more efficiently and quickly with fewer mistakes? Conics helps you choose the right software and implement it in your company. If we cannot find an existing solution, then we make the software completely customised to your needs. That way, your company is ready for the future!

User stories Rask

Conics’s user-friendly software system makes for happy staff and enhanced customer service at packaging specialist Rask.

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Making your organisation more efficient and profitable? Conics bridges the gap between business and software. Contact us!
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Back to school!

Today the Conics people don’t have to bend over backwards to both take the kids to school and still be at the office on time. Today there is plenty of time for both (and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and the day after…) #backtoschool #lifestageawareentrepreneurship

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Scotty beams up your graphical supply chain

During our customer visits, our consultants regularly visit the shop floor, and occasionally they overhear these kinds of conversations. – “Have those printing plates arrived yet?” – “I don’t think so” – “But they have been ordered, haven’t they?” – “I ordered them a week ago, I believe, Oh… I can’t find the sent order […]

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Conics goes green!

At Conics, we also assume our responsibility when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship. For one, our new project consultant, Jochen Verbrugghe, has been given a fully electric car to travel from client to client. A matter of ensuring that our newcomer hits the ground running, you could say! In time, the plan is to green […]

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