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There is a lot involved when it comes to steering your company processes in the right direction and carrying out successful projects. Everything starts with the right people, who have the necessary knowledge and experience. As well as user-friendly software, that aligns with your company’s needs, and simplifies and improves how your organisation works. Conics bridges the gap between business and software. That’s how we make your company smarter, more efficient and more profitable.

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Do you want to have more control and insight into your company? Do the various company processes sometimes overlap? Are you looking for a user-friendly system in order to work more efficiently and quickly with fewer mistakes? Conics helps you choose the right software and implement it in your company. If we cannot find an existing solution, then we make the software completely customised to your needs. That way, your company is ready for the future!

User stories Soenen Golfkarton

Soenen Golfkarton relied on the specialists at Conics for the design and implementation of a tailor-made, user-friendly solution for artwork management and a client portal. Now the employees work more efficiently and the clients have access to a clear overview of their pending orders at all times.

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Making your organisation more efficient and profitable? Conics bridges the gap between business and software. Contact us!
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The "Alice's sidewalk drawing" challenge

Last weekend I received this picture from our colleague Vincent saying: “My daughter Alice (11 years old) pimped the Conics logo”. First thing I noticed was the clean colouring and the straight lines she managed to draw… Wow, nice work there Alice! Then I noticed the tape on the picture she must have used, which […]

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DD Engineering "Warmste Week Quiz"

Last Friday, Conics participated at the “Warmste Week Quiz” organized by DD Engineering. How confident we were when enrolling several weeks ago, as uncertain our warrior hearts have become a few hours before the start. It even worsened when we entered the Feniks hall where there was room for over 45 teams… Doubtfull, hesitating and […]

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Team day out

Last week we had our yearly team day out with Conics. The perfect way to get to know everyone a bit better in a different environment. Nothing beats a good portion of stress hormones to really unleash everyone’s inner self, we figured. Hence, our first visit was to the Biover climbing walls of “BLEAU” at […]

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