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Conics is a fully independent software consultancy provider with a 100% focus on graphical processes. Building upon a profound knowledge of the graphical industry and a clear vision about software selection, we propose the best possible solution to our customers, one that seamlessly meets their needs and strategy. Conics translates your vision and goals into matching people, processess and tools. Our team gets a kick out of challenging projects and we are always looking for long-term solutions for our customers. From project management and implementation and from analysis to integration: Conics makes sure your company is ready for the future!

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Do you want to have more control and insight into your company? Do the various company processes sometimes overlap? Are you looking for a user-friendly system in order to work more efficiently and quickly with fewer mistakes? Conics helps you choose the right software and implement it in your company. If we cannot find an existing solution, then we make the software completely customised to your needs. That way, your company is ready for the future!

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“Set-up times are reduced, production has become faster and we have less downtime to deal with. In sum, we are able to save on costs directly.” says CEO Jan Laeremans.

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Making your organisation more efficient and profitable? Conics bridges the gap between business and software. Contact us!
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How was your print quality in the past year?

Every year, end-of-year lists are made and New Year speeches are prepared. They highlight what went wrong, and how we plan to address it in the next year. Equally, we look back at what went well in the past year, and how we want to maintain or improve on that trend. After all, what you […]

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Conics turned 5 !

Back in September Conics turned 5 ! What a journey it has been, in truly strange times these last years… However, one thing is for sure: we could never have achieved this, without the trust and continuous support from our very first customers and partners from back in the days! That’s why we are visiting […]

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Conics Team Day Out 2022

Last week, we had our annual Team day Out. During the previous editions, we focused mainly on pushing boundaries. Remeber the climbing & Diving sessions? After several years of constantly pushing boundaries – remember: wall climbing, diving and racing with karts and off-road scooters – it was time for a new game. The organization must […]

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