Conics turned 5 !

Back in September Conics turned 5 ! What a journey it has been, in truly strange times these last years…

However, one thing is for sure: we could never have achieved this, without the trust and continuous support from our very first customers and partners from back in the days! That’s why we are visiting them this fall with a small gift: a very special bottle of “Fields of Flanders”-gin. We’re proud of our roots and eager to share it with the world, just like our service and product offering! A small gift, but a big thank you for your confidence and the opportunities given 5 years ago!

For those, longing for one of these as well: if we haven’t paid you a visit yet, no worries, we probably have a visit scheduled in the very near future…

To all of our future customers: the deck of cards is free, but you’ll need to earn the bottle 😊, so let’s connect and perhaps you‘ll earn yourself a Fields of Flanders gin as well!

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