DD Engineering “Warmste Week Quiz”

Last Friday, Conics participated at the “Warmste Week Quiz” organized by DD Engineering. How confident we were when enrolling several weeks ago, as uncertain our warrior hearts have become a few hours before the start. It even worsened when we entered the Feniks hall where there was room for over 45 teams… Doubtfull, hesitating and anxious we looked at each other, trying to refind our confidence we once had in each others eyes… Awaiting the kick off of the quiz, Billy Joels “We will all go down together” hummed silently at our table… Goodnight Ypres?

But, when the going get’s tough, the tough get going and in this case, it was Vincent! His confidence when grasping for the pen and paper and ordering some “Halberghe beers” worked liberating. Round after round, the team grew in the tournament. Our complementary knowledge skipped trick question after trick question. Answers like “Stephen King”, “Les divas du dancing”, “RuPaul” and “New Order” rolled over the table as if we discussed it daily. On the halfway result table, Conics seized third place! The mental boost for our male ego made us surf on the waves of ambition, comradeship and yes, we admit, a little bit of arrogance. 4 rounds and some Halsberghes later, Conics finished on a fantastic 2nd place! Respect to the winners, as their lead was too big for us to even start debating about this question or that answer. A great evening with the team, a fantastic second place and lot’s of fun!

Thanks DD Engineering for organizing, we hope the yield of the quiz is sufficient for your project in Madagascar!

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