People make the difference, so Scotty’s mission is to offer them the tools to make that difference. Luckily, the graphical industry is already blessed with lots of great technology supporting specific processes in the graphical supply chain. As of day one, Conics opted to partner up with these technology suppliers to leverage their existing solutions and beam up our shared customers’ entire supply chain towards an even higher level.


Scotty’s API is designed to connect to your software in use. During the set
up process, we evaluate your software stack, connect to what you have
and implement 3th party solutions where needed. Scotty is not created to compete or replace, Scotty fits in to your process, connects the tools you have and beams them towards outstanding performance.


Conics is proud to partner up with leading technology partners and deliver on the high demands of the graphical industry. Scotty’s implementation team is kept on the cutting edge through training, shared projects and knowledge transfers together with our partners.

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