Printspector comes as a fully hosted SAAS solution and is hosted in a safe and secure online datawarehouse. This way, you can consult Printspector from anywhere at anytime to stay in touch with your production performance. By opting for a SAAS solution, Printspector is an all-in and fully transparant pay-per-use subscription model.

Are you working in multiple geographical sites? No worries, Printspector is specifically designed to connect to your different production sites offering both a global and individual view of your print performance. Even when local set-ups have different software tools in use, Printspector can combine the data towards one global dashboard.

Connect in a single click to your customers and suppliers directly from Printspector. Invite both of them onto the Printspector platform or reach out to them from within your cockpit. Printspector is compatible with the Scotty platform as well as standard or personal customer portals.

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