Scotty offers both a fully equipped customer portal as well as a supplier portal. As information is constantly shared from your customer over your internal teams to you suppliers and back, we offer the entire supply chain onto 1 platform. No more valuable information stuck in e-mails and attachments cluttering your view of what is urgent.


For customers


By logging onto the customer portal, your customer can track and trace his orders throughout the entire process. Job information, approval status and dashboarding can be made available to speed up the order management. Scotty shortens your throughput time, improves customer satisfaction and minimizes customer complaints.


For Suppliers


By bringing in the supplier portal as well, your internal overview is enriched with a perfect supplier tracking system. Communicating back and forth with your suppliers via the platform offers you a perfect overview of your outstanding offers, questions or other. Scotty’s API is designed to link with various third-party systems, offering the possibility to fully automate your supplier communication. Scotty lowering administrative errors, speeding up your process and cutting out administrative tasks.


For employees


Scotty beams up all the information you need onto one single view: your view and enables your team to follow-up on and collaborate with your suppliers and. Scotty fetches data across the borders of your organization, out from the various tools you work with and into a personalized cockpit to transform it into the information you need to act fast, efficient and effective.

Follow up your to do’s before they become critical and enjoy the ease of mind during your daily job.

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