The “Alice’s sidewalk drawing” challenge

Last weekend I received this picture from our colleague Vincent saying: “My daughter Alice (11 years old) pimped the Conics logo”. First thing I noticed was the clean colouring and the straight lines she managed to draw… Wow, nice work there Alice! Then I noticed the tape on the picture she must have used, which really struck me. Some smart thinking there for an 11 year old. By the way, no way I would have come up with that life hack, long live Tik Tok or YouTube probably 😊! Must keep that in mind for when my kids turn the sidewalk-chalking-age.

However, the picture made me wonder almost Chandler-like “can it be any more the Conics way where we all are, even our kids, trying to improve the company?” As if the entire family is part of the organisation as well. Actually, during this period, our kids and families are more than ever part of it and in fact they have always been so I guess. From day 1 we opted for a work-life balance where we all had the liberty of juggling with our whereabouts to lay the complex puzzle of our professional and family lives. Not always easy and never in balance, but always with the best intentions for all parties.

During these Covid-19-lockdown-days, this way of working has reached probably its ultimate level. Instead of a morning, noon and evening rush, the work life balance has become for many of us a 24 hours 3-dimensional brick laying puzzle.

So, for all readers of this post, I would like to challenge you. If you feel your family has its place in your professional life: have them make a sidewalk chalk drawing of your company logo and share it on under our LinkedIn post! This way, you can actively combine a nice time with your family and some extra visibility for your company. Makes the (last) lockdown days perhaps some more bearable. If you leave your company address in a PM we will send the first 50 contributors the Conics playing card deck as a thumbs up for the kids! After all, a good old deck of playing cards still opens a ton of possibilities for some family / colleague fun and it supports our fantastic graphical industry while doing so!

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