Conics Team Day out 2020

Last week we enjoyed the second edition of the Conics team day out. This time, the organisation was in the hands of the team. As the entire agenda was kept an (almost) perfect secret, we all gathered a little nervous at our HQ at Ypres. As if the loss of control was not yet enough, they only revealed our transportation of the day: tandem bikes.

So we took off, bike-wise to the next stop, still unrevealed by the team. We left Ypres, passed Beselare, had a quick stop in Moorsele, speeded through Kortrijk… to finally arrive in Zwevegem, 40 km’s further. Luckily no rain, no flat tyres and only a little bit of discussion who wasn’t pedalling enough or at least as hard as the one sitting in front…

There was no time to lose, as the Transfo Escape room was awaiting our arrival. A little sweaty, though fully Corona proof we were challenged to revive the steam engines of the former electricity plant. Need it be said that team Conics passed the test with distinction? In about 56 minutes all was solved and the engines were pumping. Team work Conics style…

Back to Ypres, we thought, but only a few hundred meters further up the road, we stopped for the next challenge: the Transfo Dive tank. In the first edition, we challenged ourselves on the heights of Bleau in Ghent, today the challenge was to be found in the depth (15m!) of the Transfo dive tank for a diving initiation. With 3 fantastic instructors at our side, each and every one of us managed to surpass his or her own limits. Thanks to the Transfo team for this experience!

We finished off the evening with a nice meal, a good glass and a lot of laughs before returning by train to Ypres. A fun, challenging and zero emission team day!

Thanks team for the great day!