Conics Team Day Out: Zany Zuienkerke & Beer from Bruges

Yesterday, we once again held our annual Team Day Out. We discovered new sides to our employees and also pushed our limits again. Nature & adventure, as well as relaxation and cameraderie were at the heart of our trip.

We started our day with outdoor adventures in picturesque Zuienkerke. Amid fresh air and a little bit of mud, we embraced the challenges and built stronger bonds within our team. We slid gracefully over beams, we tore through the mud, we shuffled cramped across the water (blindfolded, moreover!), and snuck swiftly under ropes. Like a bunch of young hinds with rheumatism, we did complete all the tests with success!

After our exciting team-building activity, we silenced our stomacs with a delicious lunch at Café Pistolet. We washed down our sandwiches with a cold Brugse Zot or Straffe Hendrik: an instructive visit to the Halve Maan brewery in Bruges jacked up our culture levels: 1, 2, 3, Beer!

As the eyelids were showing a slight downward movement (mainly due to the morning efforts, I presume), it was merely time for concentration and action: Annelies put us through our paces with a photo quest through Bruges, Venice fo the North. Two hours later, the historic city centre no longer held any secrets for the Conics’ guys. Over the Peerdenbrug, past café Vlissinghe, towards the Pevelenberg with Jan Breydel, Sint-Anna and many others….

As the sun began to set, we concluded our day with a delicious dinner at Tom’s Diner, where we shared stories, laughed together and forged plans for ‘Future Projects’.

Here’s to adventures we have shared and will share together, Cheers!