Scotty beams up your graphical supply chain

During our customer visits, our consultants regularly visit the shop floor, and occasionally they overhear these kinds of conversations.

– “Have those printing plates arrived yet?”
– “I don’t think so”
– “But they have been ordered, haven’t they?”
– “I ordered them a week ago, I believe, Oh… I can’t find the sent order in my mailbox?”

– “I can’t find those customer files, where did you keep them again?”
– “Haven’t I forwarded them?”
– “Nothing in my mailbox, and I can’t find them on the file server either?”

Despite the enormous progress in digitization in recent years, the collection and storage of data is often still difficult. Due to the increasing number of communication channels, people will eventually no longer see the trees for the forest.

The number of printing tasks is increasing, the number of tasks to be performed in the graphic process also increases and in the long run the employees lose the overall overview. Who does what task and by when? That is very often unclear for the organization and in the end, customers might get impatient.

With Scotty from Conics, that hurdle is quickly overcome. Scotty visualizes all the steps of your graphic process in one tool. Scotty is a SaaS solution that seamlessly connects your software packages (ERP, workflow engine, etc.), so that the employee has all the necessary data and information in one single tool, to perform his tasks and follow up his to-do’s correctly and efficiently.

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