Top-quality printing with the Anilox Follow-up System (AFS)

AFS is a user-friendly and future-proof software tool designed to follow up the quality of anilox rolls in the printing industry. The Anilox Follow-up System tells you when your cylinders need to be cleaned or adjusted/fine-tuned in one way or another. The result: top-quality printed matter and less printing press downtime.

All the details you need in one convenient tool

An anilox is a cylinder, usually made of steel or aluminium, that supplies the printing plate with a measured amount of ink. For an optimum print result, the transfer of the ink must be perfect. For that reason, it is essential that your anilox rolls are spotless. Blockages in your anilox rolls can cause them to malfunction and your printing press to grind to a halt. While many printing plants do take measurements on their anilox rolls, many are at a loss as to how to interpret the results correctly, reason why they are put to little, if any, use at all.

Now, that’s where AFS comes in: the system tells you when an anilox roll is in need of servicing or replacing. AFS is a collaborative tool used by printers, suppliers and maintenance providers. All your anilox-related data are transparently collated in one (online) location. Gone are the days of scattered scraps of information, because, thanks to AFS, you have all your data at your fingertips in a few clicks. AFS analyses parameters such as quality and volume and tells you when action is required, for instance when an anilox roll is in need of cleaning.

Well-maintained anilox rolls make for high-grade printing and markedly reduce the chances of printing press downtime.

User-friendly SAAS solution

Because AFS is an SAAS (Software as a Service) solution, various production sites can interact with one another without creating any privacy or data security issues (as required under the GDPR legislation). AFS is a highly transparent solution where you pay per user and per cylinder. At that, the system is easily scalable at no major expense allowing you to focus on expanding your offer and making your business grow.

AFS was developed in collaboration with DewaFlexo, a French specialist in the printing industry. They called on Conics in view of our extensive expertise in software solutions for the graphics sector.

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