Conics’s user-friendly software system makes for
happy staff and enhanced customer service at
packaging specialist Rask

Rask is no stranger to the challenges SMEs and large companies are faced with. They all want to build a strong brand, make the most of any new opportunities that come their way and keep growing, whatever the climate. By looking after all their customer’s packaging printing needs, from design to “ready for press”, Rask takes one burden off these companies’ shoulders, for it leaves them to focus on their core business and to invest in their own growth. What’s more, the visual material remains consistent and recognisable, which contributes to a strong and reliable brand. The Wommelgem company stands for quality and a speedy and efficient service throughout the entire printing process. RASK is a brand of Creavit NV, which forms part of the KOROZO Group and is a sister company of VITRApack – Vitra NV.

In need of an automated and more efficient way of working

“In the past, we used to work with several ERP software packages which meant that the information was a bit all over the place,” recalls Rask Operations Manager Marc Van Passen. “It took considerable effort to be on the ball all the time; the set-up simply had to become more efficient. Over time, we switched to one central ERP system, which was quite an improvement. But the prepress production process mostly remained a manual affair, with a risk of errors and delays. It was clear that we had to look for an automated solution we could integrate with our ERP system.”

Plenty of experience in the graphics sector

Rask went in search of a sound software partner to tackle this problem. “It wasn’t long before we ended up at Conics’s. We had known Frederic, Dries and their comrades for years. They have extensive experience in the graphics sector and an excellent track record. After an analysis of our various processes, Conics suggested a solution that could seamlessly integrate the Hybrid software (for workflow management in the packaging industry, editor’s note) we had invested in already with our ERP to meet our own objectives and requirements.”

At first, our customers had to master the new way of working, but they are all quickly getting to grips with it and experiencing the benefits. The prepress production process is faster and more efficient.

Happy staff and happy customers

The Rask workforce is delighted with the new software platform. “Everything that had to be done manually in the past now runs automatically thanks to the user-friendly software. This has boosted efficiency and simplified internal operations no end. We now have more control over our processes and planning, which has given our workforce greater peace of mind. More importantly, it allows us to keep growing. In a subsequent phase, we connected our software system to a user-friendly platform for Rask customers, where they can create and manage their own print orders. In the past, this was all done by email, without much structure or scrutiny. At the start, our customers had to familiarise themselves with this new way of working but they soon got the hang of it and, now, they can all see the benefits. The prepress production process has become faster and more efficient. Thanks to the automated workflow, even invoicing has become more transparent. In sum, a marked improvement in our customer service,” Marc explains.

A smooth cooperation with plenty of room for questions and consultation

Marc is extremely satisfied with the cooperation with Conics. “We couldn’t have found a better software partner. They listen to our questions and needs and, where possible, adjust the solution in line with what we have in mind. We have a pleasant relationship with plenty of room for consultation. While Conics operates a certain planning, adjustments or deviations are never an issue. From the very start, I knew we were singing from the same hymn sheet which makes the collaboration all the more enjoyable. The advantage of the workflow software is that we can upgrade our system over time, at our own pace, as our company’s needs evolve. We are ready for the future,” Marc concludes.

The system can grow with our business. We are ready for the future.