Vitra visualizes production data and optimizes the printing process with Printspector

Specialist in packaging printing, Vitra NV (Vitrapack), uses a user-friendly and future-proof solution to chart the helio and flexo printing process and optimize production performance on the shop floor. “Thanks to Printspector we are in complete control of our company’s entire printing process which, in turn, has reduced set-up times, increased the pace of production, cut down on downtime and allows us to process all print-related data statistically” says CEO Jan Laeremans.

About the client

Vitrapack has been helping and supporting businesses at each and every stage of their packaging printing for more than 85 years. This ranges from preproduction (e.g. prepress, color management, workflow management, mock-ups) through production (printing, finish and output) to post-production (a. o. quality proofing, logistical support, stock management…). In this way, Vitrapack supplies a total solution, allowing its clients to focus on their core business. Vitrapack forms part of the KOROZO Group and works with RASK for all its prepress activities.

Jan Laeremans: “Our clients’ activities are wide-ranging. Important data such as color consistency and the overall quality of printed matter have a bearing on the company’s success. To enhance accuracy and boost efficiency, we felt the need to clearly consolidate all the data collected internally and externally onto one central platform. We went looking for an automated solution that was easy to integrate with our ERP and other software systems.”

More control over the entire production process

Jan and his crew went in search of a user-friendly and future-proof solution to collate all that crucial information. “Together with our partner Co-ëfficiënt, we felt that ‘Printspector’ would fit the bill to a T. Printspector is an SAAS solution that connects with our production floor and charts all the essential data and parameters that impact on the printing process. Because it picks up data throughout our entire organization, it provides us with the insights we need to optimize our operational efficiency. Set-up times are reduced, production has become faster and we have less downtime to deal with. In sum, we are able to save on costs directly. In addition, we have more control over color consistency and are able to detect and monitor any differences and issues faster. This leads to a superior print quality for our clients. An additional benefit of Printspector is that it is a cloud-based solution. This means that the platform can be consulted from anywhere and at any time, across various production sites and locations using different software included. Printspector integrates all the information into one overall and clear dashboard. And everything can easily be communicated to both clients and suppliers alike.”

“Setup times are shorter, production has become faster and we have less downtime to deal with. In short, we can save costs directly.”

In continuous pursuit of superior quality

“The feedback from our staff is positive; they are delighted with the manner in which Printspector has enhanced their way of working. The new solution hasn’t only improved collaboration on the shop floor and between departments but also with clients and suppliers. It gives us the necessary insights to optimize our own process day after day. We now have a standardized way of working everyone feels comfortable with. What’s more, the people at Printspector think along with us. They are in close contact with numerous specialists in the printing industry and strive to continuously improve the solution, which is something we reap the benefits of, for it enables us to consistently improve the quality of our printing processes, much to the delight of our clients.”