Crea Print Group

Crea Printing is ready for the future,
thanks to the user friendly software of Conics

Ever since the implementation of the workflow software, the production speed of the prepress department has risen exponentially. The risk of errors has dropped significantly, which gives an ease of mind to our team. “We used to need multiple hours, sometimes even days to combine a digital die cut en get it ready for printing. Thanks to Conics, it’s a matter of minutes” according to Ann Dehaemers, Prepressmanager Crea.

No more repetitive manual tasks

Crea has 30 years of experience in printing on plastics (PP, PET and polystyrene) creating POS- en promotional materials, packaging, decoration and tailor-made solutions for their customer base in Belgium and abroad. Crea offers a one stop solution for its customers, from design or packaging until production and finishing. “One of our important products are labels for the floral industry. Often we receive orders up to 1000 different labels and versions at once. The imposition and preparation of these labels used to be a mainly manual job which took us hours and even days to comlplete. First of all, it wasn’t efficient but next to that, the error sensitivity was huge. Combined with the need for last minute changes, it was clear to me that we could not continue to work like this.

AFTER an Analysis of processes and business strategy, Conics proposed a plan of action, based on user-friendly software

Experienced partner in the graphical industry

In their quest for a partner to tackle this issue, Crea contacted Conics and got convinced by their years of experience in the graphical industry, their hands on approach en their track record. Before jumping into the action, Conics first made an analysis of our processes and objectives. Based on this analysis they set out an approach based on the implementation of user friendly software to support our repeat business. “The fact that Conics integrated the tools from Hybrid Software, an existing third party solution provider, with their own tailor made solution to fully serve our needs is a huge asset,” according to Ann.

More ease of mind, less errors

Our customers are not affected by our automation, they can just deliver their files as they are used to. Some deliver Excels, others use XML’s, some of them even remain to send them in via mail. The big change is the ease of mind on the prepress department these days, says Ann. “A lot of time consuming manual tasks have been automated. As a result, we don’t have to check every step multiple times anymore and last minutes changes which were a big problem before are now possible as well. Thanks to the intelligent software from Conics, the efficiency within our teams got a serious boost and we are in full control of our processes and planning. This was really what we need to keep on growing this business. Next to the boost for our productivity, the system is even very user friendly so our colleagues have easily adopted the tool.”

Conics’ intelligent software boosted efficiency in our business

It is nice working with a partner who is short on time and open to new ways of thinking.

Proactive and supportive

Finally, the collaboration with the Conics team was very positive. “Conics really listens to our questions and our concerns. If possible they try to come up with solutions and proactively suggest improvements or alternatives. We have a fixed contactperson for our support and this is going very smoothly. “It’s great working with a software partner who is open for new ideas and goes along with the development of the team and the organisation. Especially for me, because I really never run out of suggestions and ideas!” (laughing)