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Conics is a fully independent software consultancy provider with a 100% focus on graphical processes. Building upon a profound knowledge of the graphical industry and a clear vision about software selection, we propose the best possible solution to our customers: one that seamlessly meets their needs and strategy.

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Our services

We offer two essential services:

Guidance in choosing the right standard software, and

development of custom-made software.

guidance in corporate software choices

The objective of our guidance is simple: to find the right software that fits seamlessly with your business processes, regardless of its supplier. In the rapidly evolving world of graphic software, it is crucial to make the right choices.

What sets us apart is our vendor- and productindependent approach. This means we can advise objectively and transparently, without being influenced by software vendor interests.

We start from your process, not from a software tool. At Conics, we understand that every business has specific requirements and that a personalised approach is extremely important. Our experienced team of consultants thoroughly analyses your business needs, workflow and objectives. Based on this, we offer tailored advice to identify the most appropriate software solutions. Whether it is design software, production planning tools or other graphics applications, we ensure that your choice fits your business perfectly.

Wondering which standard software we frequently implement or optimise? Then take a look at our partner page for an anthology of the partners and their software that we work with, always independently, to integrate into your processes.

Custom software development

Sometimes standard software solutions do not meet the specific requirements of your graphics business. In that case, we step in with our custom software development. Our experienced team of developers understands the complexities of the graphic arts
industry and is happy to get to work creating software that exactly matches your unique needs and processes.

We believe in delivering solutions that not only meet your current requirements, but are also scalable for future growth. Together with you, we go through the entire development process, from concept to implementation, to ensure that the customised
software perfectly matches your business objectives.

Whether you need to automate specific tasks, integrate different systems or develop an entirely new application, we have the expertise to make it happen for you.

Your products

Do you recognize any of your products? If so, we can help you…

Is your product missing below? In that case, we can certainly help you!

User Stories

Find your inspiration within our customer testimonials

Conics Client Testimonial - McBride

McBride is a leading European manufacturer of cleaning products for household use and for the professional cleaning and hygiene market. For their product packaging development department, McBride was looking for a new software solution, which had to cover the entire process of all printed packaging. Moreover, the tool had to be usable in each of their regional offices.

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Conics Client Testimonial - Grandeco

Grandeco called on Conics to design and implement a userfriendly custom system for creating and developing their products. The employees now work more efficiently and faster using an intuitive software solution that
offers many opportunities for the future.

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“Set-up times are reduced, production has become faster and we have less downtime to deal with. In sum, we are able to save on costs directly.” says CEO Jan Laeremans.

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Conics’s user-friendly software system makes for happy staff and enhanced customer service at packaging specialist Rask.

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Soenen Golfkarton

Soenen Golfkarton called on Conics’ specialists for the design and implementation of a user-friendly customised solution for artwork management and a customer portal.

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Crea Print Group

Since the implementation of workflow software in September 2018 at Crea Printing in Roeselare, the processing speed of the prepress department has increased exponentially.

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We are always on the look out for motivated colleagues!

Thanks to our customers and prospects, Conics grows with them day after day by realizing and maintaining cool and challenging projects. This success means we are now looking for extra people to help build the many stories we write every day. Our current team consists of developers who build web applications, consultants who guide our customers and projects, commercial talent who continues to fill the pipeline, technical specialists who manage servers and support and administrative centipedes who ensure that everything is properly registered. With this multicolored gang, we solve the puzzle every day to schedule the right people for the right projects.

Are you looking for a new challenge, do you have knowledge or experience of our industry or software projects in general and do you suspect that your skillset fits within our group, then contact us for a conversation!

Our vacancies on the site give you an idea of what we do, but at Conics we believe in people, not jobs, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Web App Developer

Currently we are looking for a Web App Developer to develop our fantastic in house software and connecting it on a technical level with third party solutions.

Read our vacancy
Project Consultant

Are you into to searching, finding and implementing solutions for customers? Be sure to read all about it and apply!

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